PHILSOC – Winter 2017 – Plans

Hello Philosophers,

New year, new PhilSoc. Get more information about us by clicking on our about us page, here.

This past term we had a pizza social and a boardgames night. We attended several philosophy talks at Laurier together and we ran peer-to-peer argument building workshop.

Next term, we’re planning more things from having our own speaker series featuring UW philosophy professors and having our own merc, Philsocs (Phil – socks). Follow us on Facebook get notified of our events.


First PhilSoc Meeting

Thanks to everyone who came out to join us for the first PhilSoc Meeting of the 2016 Winter term, which took place last night (Tuesday, January 14th).

It was great meeting you all and talking about various philosophy topics. We hope to be doing the same sort of thing again in a few weeks time. If you like, you can comment here which days of the week fit into your schedule, so we can accommodate as many people as possible. Another option is to send us an email at with this information, as well as any other questions you might have. You can also stop by the office at HH 148. For the time being there are no scheduled office hours, but you can make an appointment by emailing us.

We hope to see you all at the next philsoc meeting!

Einstein, God, Dice, and the Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics

Thanks to everyone who came out and made Dr. Fraser’s talk on November 4 a success! 21 students were in attendance! It’s nice to know that we have such a passionate undergraduate community, and it was great to see how engaged everyone was both during and after the talk.

We’re currently in the process of planning more speaker talks for the winter term,  so we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated regarding what’s decided and when the dates for those will be.


Some students conversing with Dr. Fraser after her talk.

Hello World!


This is the new homepage for the University of Waterloo’s Undergraduate Philosophy Society! We’ll be using this to post updates on events that we’re planning, such as talks and socials, as well as to keep everyone updated on the other projects we’re pursuing. We hope this will develop into a space for members of the society to discuss and share information on all things philosophy related.

Thanks again for your interest in the society, and we hope you’re all having an excellent term so far!

Sincerely, the PhilSoc Exec

Dylan Jones, President
Oliver Oxton, Vice President
Nicole Stanford, Communications Representative
Charles Lee, Financial Officer