About Us

PHILSOC is an undergraduate society affiliated with the University of Waterloo and dedicated to the discussion of philosophy. We, the PHILSOC executive, work to building a diverse community, that blends academics and fun, through strong student-faculty communication, student advocacy, and events that foster philosophical growth.We organize socials, study sessions (including free food) and speaker events. Our members are interested in a variety of disciplines both within and outside of philosophy, so discussion is always sure to be lively and varied. If you’re interested in receiving information on society events, follow our Facebook page. If you’re a philosophy student at UW you should already be getting our updates.

From left to right in the photo above: Adam, Monika, Hai Dao, James

Adam Thibert, Vice-President

I’m a 3A Philosophy major. My major role in PhilSoc as Vice-President is to ensure Executive Team engagement, organization, and to act as a representative for the philosophy undergraduates in the department. My major philosophical interests are in socio-political philosophy, and in ethics (particularly legal ethics and human rights). My favourite things are Blue Jays baseball, fly fishing, and golfing (it’s safe to safe that I’m a 40 year-old man trapped in the body of a 21 year old). Come, Comrades; seize the means of philosophical production with us!

Monika Kitor, Communications Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Monika Kitor and I am in my sixth year of undergrad here at UW. I major in Life Physics and Philosophy and minor in Biology.  My duties as PhilSoc’s Communications Coordinator (AKA the #rebrand queen) include updating our social media accounts, increasing our visibility and involvement as a club, and designing magnificent posters. My interests in philosophy include philosophy of science, ethics, aesthetics, and logic. My hobbies include watching cartoons, dancing horribly, drinking coffee, and making jokes that only Hai-Dao laughs at.

Hai-Dao Le-Nguyen, President

Aloha! As this year’s PhilSoc president, I try to have a hand in everything PhilSoc related from event planning and finances to communication and outreach. I am a 3A Philosophy major minoring in Cognitive Science with a Science, Technology and Values option. I am obsessed with AI ethics and the social impact of technology in general. Otherwise, I love discovering new vegan places in KW, making new friends, and laughing at jokes regardless of their actual humour. Thanks for checking us out! 🙂

James Butler, Events Coordinator

I’m in charge of designing events for philsoc and managing this website. I’m a 3A philosophy student who’s also pursuing a major in Knowledge Integration. I’m interested philosophy generally but I have a special interest in justice and social epistemology. My current philosophical question is “Does the desire to know dictate a code of moral behaviour and how does this impact the is-ought problem?”. The last philosophical question I got a somewhat satisfactory answer was “What makes a community just or unjust?”. My hobbies include playing board games, cooking and having interesting conversations.



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